Gels / Filters

Gels / Filters are essential in controlling the colour temperature a light puts out. Whether you want to balance a Tungsten light to Daylight with CTB (Colour Temperate Blue) or want to make a light more warm with CTO (Colour Temperature Orange) we will have something for you. You can also use different colours to create interesting effects like Green and Red.

As well as Gels / Filters we have an incredibly wide range of Lighting Equipment for all your content creation requirements. Have a look at the main page for more products that will help with your shoot. Since the 1930’s PEC has always been a leading light of the British Film industry, to this day we still stock a wide range of film products, from splicing tape, magnetic stock and spacing all in 16mm, 35mm and 70mm to CIR Splicers, Viewers and Competitors (Picsync)

As well as our film equipment we also stock a wide range of cutting edge cameras and supporting technology, including Audio, LIGHTING, MEDIA, POWER, EQUIPMENT SUPPORTS, MONITORS and much more.

We also offer an in-house product repair and service. Our other services include: Broadcast Studio Design, System Integration, Studio automation and networking.

PEC is part of the DIA Media Group that includes broadcast equipment hire firm Alias Hire Training Company Alias Academy and Alias Presents for our Live streaming Services.

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